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It is estimated that more than 625 million searches are conducted online each day. Each of these searches involves targeted, pre determined Internet usage by people engaging the search engines using search term and expressions which may well relate to the products and services offered by your organisation. Some studies report that up to 65% of Internet shoppers use search engines to find the sites through which they eventually make their online purchases. Be it information, products, services, media or to engage with other Internet users, web searchers largely know what they want when they make a search, The reason they search is simply because they are undecided as to the best place to get it from.

Why shouldn't their destination be your site? Well, one extremely good reason is that your site might not appear anywhere near the top of the search engine returns. As most Internet uses rarely go beyond the first 2 pages of search returns, if you don't appear there you might as well not exist. If the search terms were relevant to your products and services then clearly you've missed an opportunity to not only engage that user but to convert them into a sale. That opportunity has most likely gone to a competitor.

If you want to compete online you need to be at the top of search engine returns on terms and expressions that relate to what you are trying to achieve. It may even be the difference between success and failure for your company. With weak backstreet footfall undermining your bottom line compared to the High Street bustle that not only boosts profits but can also enhance profile and reputation.

At SEO-MAMA we dedicate our professional lives to making your web presence a success. Our teams of expert technicians, copywriters and marketers are committed to ensuring that our clients sites generate as much Traffic and associated opportunities to convert visitors into customers as possible. We are totally focused on fulfilling your business objectives.

Our technical SEO - search engine optimisation techniques and know how - is second to none. Our copywriting is industry-leading as are our development, online PR, design and link-building services.
Applying expertise through our acclaimed suite of SEO Services is all well and good but it's the scope and granularity of our SEO reporting that really enables us to drive campaigns to achieving remarkable results. A particularly powerful component of our comprehensive reporting systems is our SEO Ranking Report.
The central issue to any natural search engine optimization campaign is how to measure its success or failure when set against campaign objectives.

At the start of campaign our ranking report shows how websites rank on all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN for the targeted Keywords And Keyword Phrases. The ranking report supplies a full picture Analysis of the website's rankings and provides detailed information on performance.
On an ongoing basis our optimisation experts at SEO-MAMA accurately track the exact result for hundreds of keywords/phrases on multiple website projects. We not only identify both the page number and position of the keyword, but also show the movement (up or down) in terms of keyword ranking performance with every update.

Once we have clear performance indicators and a clear picture of whether the campaign is on track we are in a position to be able to adjust parameters accordingly.
It is estimated that there are now in excess of 200 factors used by the major search engines to determine site ranking so an in depth analysis of ranking and performance is critical in enabling us to focus on those areas that we feel might be underperforming.

Amongst the most common factors that seem to positively influence page ranking are:
* Keyword use in title tags
* Anchor text of inbound Links
* Global popularity of the site - relevance and quality of text
* Link popularity within the site's internal link structure
* Topical relevance of inbound links to site
* Link popularity of site in topical community
* Keyword use in body text
* Global popularity of Linking Site
* Topical relationship of Linking Page

Our website search engine visibility metrics not only allow us to measure and adjust SEO parameters but offer our clients an ongoing analysis of each Search Engine Optimisation campaign highlighting the position for each keyword phrase and keyword phrase tested on the major search engines.

Not only is our objective to position our clients in exactly the places where their best customers are, we strive to position them in better positions than the competition.

In response to reported weaknesses or areas that would benefit from attention we might recommend copy re-writing or the addition of more copy to the site - in any case it's important keep site content fresh and interesting. Keywords and phrases might be tweaked or an online marketing campaign undertaken to address a specific area of link building opportunity such as Social media marketing. There are a vast number of SEO parameters and Off Page Optimisation activities that through a page ranking report might be revealed as needing attention.

Bear in mind though that with SEO little changes can have big effects and also it can take some time for adjustments to flow through. When working with SEO professionals like SEO-MAMA remember patience is a virtue, be sure to also remember that experience and expertise like ours is a must.

What are the consequences? The most obvious benefit of ongoing optimisation is that your site will receive much more traffic. Honed search engine optimisation techniques ensure higher rankings on a wider range of keyword combinations. The authority of the site will also evolve through ongoing link building. The higher the site's authority and the more search queries it site is optimised for, the higher rankings your site will achieve and the more visitors you will receive. The more traffic exposed to your call to action means the efficient fulfilment of business objectives be they sales, views, votes, downloads etc.

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