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It's reported that spending on search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) will actually increase by as much as 30 per cent in 2008 and 25 per cent in 2009 despite a predicted economic slowdown and decline in online marketing expenditure as a whole.

Almost counter intuitively, the increase in SEO and PPC spending is seen as actually attributable to the worsening economic climate. In the face of 43% of large businesses in Europe and the USA likely to cut back on I.T. and marketing spend, marketers and agencies see increased website efficiency and profitability as achievable at relatively little cost when compared to other marketing channels.

With search engines having turned into the Internet's second 'killer ap' after email it's hardly surprising that they are attracting so much attention. Tens of millions of searches are conducted worldwide everyday (300 million search queries a day if you're Google) by many millions of users often searching for products or services that your company may supply. That said, it's a simple fact of search engine life that if you aren't on the first couple of pages returned you might as well not be in the engines at all, as people only tend to search the first 20 or so results at most.

Everyone wants more web profile. Profile equals site visits, site visits mean exposure to a call to action. This in turn offers the opportunity of increased sales and bigger profits. It makes business sense to be at the top of the search returns.

Top search engine listings rarely happen by chance and in a competitive business environment you can bet your bottom dollar that your competitors will be pulling out all the stops trying to establish themselves as number one.

Why wouldn't they? There are 1.5 billion Internet users of whom 50% use search engines every day. Google, Yahoo and MSN currently account for over 90% of all these searches with 80% of users finding what they are looking for within the first three pages. Of these, nearly 70% would rather click on a natural listing. Over 50 percent of online shoppers primarily rely on a search engine when trying to find a product to purchase online. Put simply - if you want a piece of the online action you simply HAVE to be at the top end of the search engine returns - make that Google returns.

Search engine optimization encompasses both "On Page Optimisation" factors such as body text and tags as well as "Off Page Optimisation" factors like inbound links, anchor text, PageRank and authority.
There are numerous criteria that go towards determining your ranking with Google alone having in excess of 200. The main idea of search engine optimisation is to positively influence the engines' relevance algorithm. Relevance is the all-important criterion, especially for Google - the Holy Grail of SEO. Search engines live to deliver relevant search returns - they strive endlessly to achieve relevance - it's what defines their overall success. Keywords, in particular the title tags and those contained within the body are the largest contributory factors to the "on page" relevance of the page. Off page influences such as the quantity and quality of inbound links also have an important bearing on ranking.

The fact that there are so many contributory factors and complimentary aspects involved in any Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) Service means that to stand the best chance of the success any organisation would be best advised to partner an experienced and expert team of professionals.
At SEO-MAMA we offer a complete Search Engine Optimisation solution. We position our clients at the top of search engine rankings. It's our job and we're extremely good at it.

Amongst our tried and tested range of services that go to make up a successful campaign are:
Extensive key word and key phrase research, on-page optimisation adjustments, Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting and content generation, strategic title and other tag adjustments, internal link structure & navigational honing. Externally, we also provide a competitive inbound link analysis and a variety of Link Building Services such as directory submission, article and press release writing/submissions. Increasing we cultivate syndication and socialising of you site content (and links) by providing major news, media and RSS feeds powered by your data. As your content propagates deep links evolve into your site from blogs, aggregators, news and media companies and so your authority grows.

All campaigns are supported by a monthly report enabling clients to monitor progress by tracking rankings within the major search engines, monitor traffic, analyse search terms and tracking your current inbound link counts within Google, Yahoo and MSN. We can regenerate or reformulate campaigns at agreed review stages or upon expiry. At SEO-MAMA we like to undertake long-term partnerships for success.

Our Search Engine Optimisation campaigns are ongoing and comprehensive:

A FREE SEO Proposal
Further to an initial consultation and fact-finding study we offer a detailed rundown of your website's current search engine performance. We analyse its strengths and weaknesses and illustrate the best way forward. This search engine optimisation proposal will detail a dedicated SEO plan of action and include a project costing.

Detailed analysis of your site performance will reveal unfriendly URLs, obstacles to search engine spiders and inappropriate search engine optimisation (optimization) damaging code. We research and develop Key Words And Key Phrases appropriate to your organisation's semantic space and business objectives. We conduct a competitive analysis and set measurable project goals

On Page Optimisation
It's at this stage that we hone website design, structure, keyword densities, meta titles and descriptions to prepare for the search engines on a technical level. Small coding differences can make a big difference - with a fast loading, well coded site with an accessible structure and high ratio of content to code proving irresistible to the search engines.

Sites ideally should have the most semantically relevant information higher up in the site hierarchy and each page should use structural elements - heading, paragraph and other HTML tags - to prioritise importance.

Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting
Content is king, and the importance of Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting cannot be stressed enough: unique, valuable, relevant content is one of the most critical factors in differentiating one site from another. Good copy as a vital component of quality content. Strong content that interests and engages its audience is without doubt the most effective approach to quality SEO in the long term - especially if the copy is kept fresh and regularly updated.

Link Building and Off Page Optimisation
Global Link Popularity is arguably the most important search engine optimization criteria. Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines love to see sites high quality incoming links from other relevant sites. Link building is the process of developing these links to your website across similar websites of interest. They add authority and improve site relevance. Sources might include current associates, online directories, press releases and blogs.

Campaign Review
SEO-MAMA offers an extensive website analysis service. We provide monthly reports that detail your website's rankings in the various search engines corresponding to specific keywords. We also analyse visitor behaviour and measure site performance through traffic reports, navigation patterns, PPC, search engine optimisation and ROI statistics. A clear understanding of campaign performance enables necessary adjustments to be made where appropriate

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