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You are how you read. The success of a website is by and large dependent upon the quality of its content. There's little point in spending great amounts of time, energy and expenditure on a site that carries little value to visitors through its lack of interesting or worthwhile content. It's a waste of time. It's not just web users who recognise this; it's the search engines too. Where's the value in them recommending sites that offer little or no return to visitors? Where's the value for the organisation whose site can't offer any compelling call to action or provide any useful information?

There are thousands of great websites on the Internet. Why shouldn't they be elevated to the top of the search engine returns if they offer the best-fit answers to questions and queries? If you want to compete, then compete on quality not on just trying to outwit the technology. Playing the black hat SEO cowboy game is short-term, unprofessional and unproductive in the long run. That's not to say that at SEO-MAMA we won't get as creative as necessary in order for our clients to take a competitive advantage. It just means that we won't jeopardize that advantage in the process. If you're serious about your web presence use a serious organisation to represent you online. Use a Partner Like SEO-MAMA.

By and large it's a flat playing field; the search engine algorithms applying the same rules to your company as to your competitors. Your task is straightforward - establish an effective, experienced and expert web partner and with them define your business objectives to create a compelling, high quality web presence. This will ensure that those objectives are met through high site profile, strong traffic of the correct audience and completed actions based on your call to action.

Anything less is a counter-productive exercise. A poor web presence means a site deservedly dropping off the search engine rankings, potentially damaging reputation, missing important business opportunities and basically wasting time and money until a proper strategy can be put in place.

Web users adore Good Content. Search engines do too. People are much more likely to read an informative article: something that stimulates or interests them and something that relates to their needs drives the whole concept of content based Search Engine Optimisation. Much in the same way that organic results are perceived as more useful and more valid than PPC ads, articles are regarded as more legitimate information than sales pitches.

If your site doesn't fulfil the reader's passion for content then the whole thing falls apart. When people are stimulated and are interested, wonderful things happen. They share their passion in the form of name checks and, more importantly, links. People love to recommend quality content. After all, including quality copy and links on your site adds value. Website copy has to inspire, impress, and motivate. Clear, unique, informative content gets results every time. It's up to website owners to ensure that their sites can achieve this by inspiring inbound links in the process.

One of the most effective methods to attract high quality inbound links is by developing well written, interesting, informative and optimised articles like this one. Articles are an essential, tried and tested component of Search Engine Optimisation and search engine marketing; when applied properly they can have very powerful and long-term benefits. Often articles will remain 'live' on line far longer than press releases or news bulletins and can prove essential in generating links, boosting search engine rankings, establishing new prospects and delivering targeted traffic direct to your site.

Articles can be distributed or syndicated across the Internet via various article websites or submitted to appropriate media outlets. If articles are well written and carry sufficient quality and relevance, recipient sites include them and run links back to the donor site. As Inbound Links play such a critical role in establishing authority and building search engine ranking, it is vital that great care and professionalism is applied to writing articles. At SEO-MAMA we map project specific keywords to articles in the same way we do to site content, applying them to titles, subtitles and body copy. Articles can provide original site content and through embedded links and link baiting can also sit on host sites, deep linking to information topics contained on pages within the donor site. The relevant optimisation aspect of articles is the relationship of the content to keywords and key phrases contained in the text.

The whole idea is to win friends amongst influential and respected sites who can positively influence your search engine ranking by linking to you through your articles. Google themselves say - 'In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.' Sites with genuine authority will only link with sites they feel to have Genuine Authority (after all their reputation is at stake to a degree by association to you) and this will boil down to content and relevance, making it easy for the search engines to identify you.

Content is king - high quality, exclusive content reigns supreme. Offering high quality content doesn't just happen. It needs to be professionally developed. At SEO-MAMA we not only craft powerfully professional articles; we also submit articles to dedicated content-hungry websites and newsletter publishers.

Our experienced, professional article writers not only know how to write interesting and informative copy, but also how to optimally structure articles to encourage readers to follow links to your website.

Each article created by SEO-MAMA is unique and usually consists of anything between 250-1000 words, depending on the nature of the project.

Our articles are submitted to a database of handpicked, targeted journalists and editors. We also work closely with Yahoo News, Google News and other news search engines that pick up press releases. We submit articles and releases for paid inclusion on major web portals such as Yahoo, AltaVista and AlltheWeb. We do NOT use any automated software.

Check our list of all submitted articles

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