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When considering how best to go about organising your website's optimisation to increase the quantity and quality of traffic there is a range of issues that need to be addressed including Site Analysis, Search Engine Rankings, Search Engine Submissions, Web Optimisation, the Best Services and the Best Partners Or Consultancy to work with.

Site Analysis
Professional SEO takes a holistic approach. There is no Search Engine Optimisation silver bullet, no magic formula, however we at SEO-MAMA firmly believe in some core basics of good SEO. One of these fundamentals is the analysis. Accordingly one of the first pieces of advice we offer our clients is that together we perform a head to toe site analysis. An essential prerequisite to a professional and successful SEO project. At SEO-MAMA we use a range of tools and techniques that carefully assess our clients sites. Examples of statistical analyses includes
1. Most common meta tags
2. Keyword density
3. Page load times
4. Title meta tag relevance.
It's at this consultancy analysis stage that we will also work with you to establish objectives, create goals and define the business context of the project.

Search Engine Rankings
The higher your search engine ranking, the more people will click on the link, visit your site and be exposed to your message. Simple really. Getting to the top of the Search Engine rankings is critical.
It is estimated that there are now in excess of 200 factors used by the major search engines to determine site ranking. Fortunately we know how to get results. Just take a look at our some of the great results we've achieved for a whole range of satisfied clients.
In a dynamic and fast-paced business such as SEO where the engines work hard to keep ahead of those trying to manipulate genuine results to their own ends we have the knowledge and ability to get prominently listed in a genuine. We wear White Hats (with great success) working with long-term objectives and within parameters set by the major search engines to avoid the risk of being eliminated from engine databases.

Search Engine Submissions
Although your web pages will be found eventually, as leading search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft all use crawlers to find pages for their algorithmic search results, there are no guarantees as to when the spider will get to your site. Manual submissions are by far the most reliable and thorough method. Specific engines can be identified and categorisation carefully honed to represent specific information. Manual directory submissions and manual article submissions are now considered as a powerful and cost effective component of any Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization), not only to acquire valuable back-links for websites or high rankings in major search engines but also to help increase free targeted traffic.

Website Optimization
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) is essentially the process of structuring a web site so that it is found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective way possible. In many ways, the reason businesses and organisations optimise their websites is the same reason that the website has been developed in the first place - to be found and visited - to get above the 'noise'.
If you ignore proper SEO you are, in effect, ignoring your customers. A large majority of customers are likely to come through the search engines with 90% of those searchers clicking through a natural listing.
There are four essential steps to effective SEO - Key word and phrase definition, search engine preparation, development of Suitable Content and structure and establishing link popularity, As experts in all four fields we work hard to ensure our clients' sites are optimised to maximum effect.

Choosing an SEO service
As mentioned, effective Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) takes a holistic approach. Taking just one component of the services on offer, for example analysis, whilst useful in its own right won't result in the same success as integrating and blending services in the form of an SEO campaign. At SeoConsult and in close consultation with our clients we design a suite of services to meet their exact requirements.

Choosing an SEO consultancy
Successful Website Optimisation takes a high degree of specialized knowledge. In addition, Search Engine Optimization takes time. As business owners rarely have the time to correctly implement Search Engine Optimisation it is usually wise to work with a professional Search Engine Optimization company that can optimize your site to its maximum potential and manage and maintain the site's online visibility. We propose a number of methods by which to assess the abilities of any prospective SEO consultancy.
A proven track record
Strong references
A reputation in the industry and amongst clients and affiliates
Effective self-promotion
Quality partnerships and affiliations
Flexible packages and training options

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