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The term "Search Engine Submission" is not to be confused with the term "Search Engine Optimisation" (the process of honing your site to rank well on particular search terms) and refers to the process of getting your web site listed with search engines.

You may also hear the expression "website submission" - it means exactly the same thing as "search engine submission". Be aware that simply having your site listed with the search engines does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular search terms. It does mean though that the search engine knows your pages exist. That said, if you don't buy a ticket, you can't win the draw.

Having spent a great deal of time, trouble and expense on website development you'll want your site to be visible through the search engines. Getting your site listed with the search engines sounds like a simple enough process however search engine submission can in fact be an involved and complicated process. Fortunately our experience and expertise here at SEO-MAMA means that we are in a position to provide a complete and effective Website Submission And Search Engine Submission Service.

Though the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN are in effect crawler-based search engines that use crawlers, bots and spiders to automatically visit Web pages to compile their listings, waiting to have your site listed is not usually a viable option for website owners. We'll consider alternative website submission methods shortly.

Widely regarded as the most important crawler-based search engine is Google with the most effective way to get listed the value attached by Google to links from other sites. In fact, inbound links are generally considered the best way to get your site listed for free with all the major search engines. Crawlers follow links, if you have good links pointing at your site, the crawlers are more able to find and include your pages in their databases.

As well as being crawled through links from other sites, Google, Yahoo and most other engines offer the facility to manually add a Website Submission by submitting a URL or list of URLs directly to their crawlers. There are no guarantees that the engines will actually include a URL submitted to it this way but it certainly makes sense to submit your home page, and perhaps one or two other URLs from "inside" your Web site via the search engine submission page.

In addition to Crawler-Based Search Engines that create their listings automatically there are a number of very important human-powered directories such as the Open Directory and the biggest and most popular directory, Yahoo, that depend on human input for their listings.

A directory is organized into categories and subcategories with human editors reviewing each directory submission and evaluating the site's quality and relevance. It's very important that submission guidelines are followed exactly and success tends to only come upon submission of a high quality site to the proper category.

As the search engine submission process is so specific to each particular directory, submissions MUST made by hand. Automated submission programs can't adequately submit to any directory because it isn't able to study the directory's structure and determine which category is best. Commercial website submission in the Yahoo directory is a paid for service; however, if you are listed with them crawler-based search engines are more likely to find your site and add it to their listings for free.

At SEO-MAMA we offer a complete manual search engine submission service including your Website URL To Directories, Submitting Articles To Article Directories, Social Bookmarking, Press Releases, Blogging And Posts to appropriate forum topics that can result in improved search engine visibility and high quality targeted traffic for your web site.

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