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Search Engine Optimization is a holistic discipline, integrating aspects from a range of different fields such as:
Goals Analysis
Audience Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Statistical data
Search Engine Ranking

Site submission
Directory submission
URL submission

Key word and phrase definition
Search engine preparation
Code review and revisions
Organising content and structure
Creative (copywriting for example)
Developing quality inbound links
Campaign - inbound links from appropriate sites
PR - blogs for example

Ongoing Performance Analysis
Search Engine rankings
Traffic Analysis
Conversion rates

No one service available from the suite of SEO services that any SEO Company offers can work effectively in isolation. For example the four basics in site optimisation - Key word and phrase definition, search engine preparation, organising content and structure and developing quality inbound links all rely on each other for success of a Search Engine Optimisation service. Employed on a standalone basis each would only offer limited benefit, the sum of rewards being great than the individual parts.

It's essential to blend the Search Engine Optimization services to maximum effect. Through thorough and professional client consultation and empathetic appreciation of clients specific business goals, a provider should have little trouble identifying appropriate SEO services and recommending the best package for the specific project at hand.

At SEO-MAMA we pride ourselves on our ability to sit down with our customers and establish the exact suite of Search Engine Optimization Services and the extent that a service needs to be applied in order to meet your business objectives. We place great emphasis on thorough analysis as part of the SEO service from the outset of project.

Goals Analysis. We make sure that we clearly understand the issue at hand - the goals - be they to sell more, increase subscriptions, publicise a product, win votes or whatever. We'll use these goals to and use them to orient and inform all of our campaign thinking. Goals are also a means of measuring campaign effectiveness.
Audience Analysis enables us to address who is going to look for you in a search engine and how that audience is unique. It's the basis of intelligent keyword selection.

Keyword Analysis allows us to define the area of overlap between a well-defined message and the terms an audience will use to discover your website. Your optimum online audience defines your organization in their own terms. If your message is effectively defined, visitor terms uses will overlap with the ones you want them to use; appropriate terms will bring appropriate visitors more likely to convert into leads, customers and ROI.
We use this initial analysis in conjunction with a range of Tools And Techniques that carefully assess our client's sites and determine the nature of SEO that we feel necessary to meet their business objectives. The bulk of work will be found in the area that covers the site's Optimisation itself and it's here that decisions are made that will determine the extent and range of SEO services that should be applied.

The degree to which the site code is reviewed and revised is largely down to the project scope as defined in the initial analysis. There are many criteria by which the major search engines rank sites. We conduct a thorough Code Review as well as taking into account important issues such as keyword use in the title tag, keyword use in body text, the amount of "indexable" text content, keyword use in H1 tag etc. We also spend time looking at factors that, while they only have a small influence on the engines, still contribute to improved rankings.

As regards the extent of site architecture and content input, again that would relate to the range and scale of Search Engine Optimization services deemed necessary for the project to meets its objectives. For example, it might be decided that the project only merited some simple links on the home page, or moving a link from the bottom to the top of the page. Alternatively it might be decided that a full site map or directory is necessary. Either way we'll design site architecture to meet both the needs of engines and users alike. Perhaps only a small amount of new copy or a limited amount of new graphics or image input is considered necessary, on the other hand it may have been decided that the project would benefit from fresh new copy across the board and new graphics and images. 

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