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During May 2008 there were 3.9 billion total searches conducted in the U.K and U.K. searchers conducted an average of 124 searches per searcher during the month, or 4.1 searches per day. This will give you some idea of the importance of SEO and Choosing The Best Possible SEO Services.

A Search Engine Optimisation service is the process by which sites are developed and honed in order to make them visible to online searchers. It's worth pointing out that SEO is not a "magic bullet" that's necessarily going to drive traffic and sales through the roof. It's a holistic, integrated long-term campaign of developing a website to give search engines and those using them what they want.

It took website owners only a short time, after the first appearance of commercial search engines in the mid 90's, to recognize the value of having their sites highly ranked search engine results. The more visible the site the more people clicked on the site - clicks tuned into cash as the internet became monetised through advertising revenues, e-commerce and other commercial opportunities.

As ever-resourceful webmasters and SEO services sought to find ways by which their sites would appear at the top of search returns so the search companies worked hard to keep ahead of then. This game of cat and mouse continues to this day. In the early days search engine optimisation services comprised mostly of using descriptive file names, page titles, and Meta descriptions.

In simple terms all the search engines AND Internet users want is relevance, and this is something that any SEO service should try to encapsulate. Life's too short to spend all day wading waist high through spam and countless irrelevant websites full of irrelevant information. Irrelevance is a massive turn off to Internet users and the search engines know it. They go to great lengths to identify worthless returns. Google's search algorithm containing no less than 200 search criteria of varying weight (including information from Google Toolbar data, Google User history, and Google Analytics.) It uses these criteria to evaluate a site's importance against any given key word or keyword phrase.

Search Engine Optimisation Services by SEO-MAMA
The key to successful SEO is understanding relevance, though some Search Engine Optimisation services still do things the old ways, they stuff keywords into title tags, pad pages with irrelevant virtually unreadable content, creating pages just to target a keyword, cram meta tags, use hidden text, duplicate content and sneaky redirects. Some Search Engine Optimisation Services massively overplay PPC burning thousands of their customers pounds on virtually worthless campaigns built on irrelevance. They'll even guarantee top organic placings. They try to hoodwink search engines, Internet users and customers into having something they don't want. Irrelevance. There's no substitute for authenticity and professional Search Engine Optimization services like that of the one provided SEO-MAMA dedicate their efforts to creating websites and website environments that best provide genuine returns. Not simply genuine search engine returns but returns on investment both financial and in people's time and efforts.

Building remarkable content or a website that is useful will without doubt generate better returns for any organisation. This is the first task of any Search Engine Optimisation service. Applying remarkable content and websites to the Internet and establishing an authoritative environment in which the website will flourish is the next task. Succeeding in these tasks takes time, experience, skill and patience. Exceptional websites optimised exceptionally are what differentiate successful organisations from also-rans and what differentiates successful Search Engine Optimization services from the endless list of make weights in the industry.
Here are just a taste of some of the areas that can be addressed by a professional Search Engine Optimization service to assist a site in developing Relevance and consequent high search placings.

Good is good is good. It's so simple. Content Is King. Exceptional content earns great links. Great links earn Authority. Authority earns high rankings. Strong information architecture is the means by which great content is structured. Clear, clean organization not only helps search engines crawl sites to find relevant, useful information but helps them understand how documents relate to each other and effectively distribute link authority.

The overall link weight/authority as measured by links from any and all sites across the web is critical. The proximity to important "seed sites" and the number of thematically related links from other topically relevant sites are both important factors as is the ratio of one-way inbound links to other kinds of links.

Search engines respect structure and they like to know what's important about your site. Semantically relevant information needs to be higher up in the site hierarchy and each page should use structural elements - heading, paragraph and other HTML tags - to prioritise importance.

For example:
Keyword use in title tags
Anchor text of inbound Links
Keyword use in body text
Keyword in H tags

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